ATC: Ophelia

Friday, July 22, 2011

I haven't been putting posts to these images, which is probably a shame--I suppose it might be interesting to hear what the artist thinks, how the work came about, et cetera.  Or, it might just sound like self-important drivel!


This is my second watercolor piece, which isn't really watercolor per se, but watercolor PLUS watercolor Prismacolor pencils.  I can't seem to just use the watercolors--I've never been trained with them, and I sort of lack the experience to figure out how to do what.  I do enjoy it, especially darkening up things at the end, adding white highlights with acrylics--that step after you think everything is done, but it's not really.

Would there be any interest in progress shots, maybe a video of me drawing?  I know at least one person out there was interested in drawing vids (I'm looking at you, Coyote)

Ophelia drowning herself like all good pining crazy girls should.


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