Introductions + A call for requests.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


now, that's out of the way....

Oh I suppose I should share a bit more...I'm an art school dropout game geek girl,
makeup artist, traditional artist, digital artist, student of life and religion and minimalism.
I watch anime, yes.  I play tabletop games, yes.  I am one of the girls that isn't supposed
to exist on the internet.

We are here, and we are watching you and laughing :)

Now, a call for requests!  I have art lined up for a post every day, but I think doing
a request or two would be fun!  If you have anything you'd like to see in pencil
let me know in the comments.


sildude said...

A dragon sword-fighting an otter. GO!

amidoinitrite? said...

good to see you're beating inertia today!

Randy said...

Nice :D I'm kinda artist as well xD anime-artist mostly. I'd make a request if my head wouldn't be so empty :<

WolfSprout said...

Sildude: It's on it's way, man :3

amidoinitrite: I shall endeavour to best it at it's own game!

Randy: I'll check your blog out too, my friend! If you think of anything, lemme know :)

Dante said...

i'd like to see a happy walking bear playing a fiddle while a girl with 4 green pony tails dances an irish jig.

Artful Disarray said..., SIR, will soon be receiving a sketch of epic proportions. I'm gonna need some time with this one :3

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