Dad and Dib, doing their part for the empire.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The requests for Zim / 40K art got out of hand, so I'll be posting the rest of them over a few days :)  any other childhood memories I should butcher for the sake of entertainments?

'Dad as a Techpriest and Dib as an incompetent Inquisitor.


Nigma said...


Daniel said...

I haven't seen invader zim in so long, I used to love that show when I was younger.

Eferhilda said...

This brought back some good memories. Both of 40k and invader zim :P

Nice work. Showing support and enjoying the pics!

Kosemartin said...

Yay, nice drawing!

Bunny said...

I know I commented on Gir, but I like how well the classes fit with the characters personalities.

Artful Disarray said...

Glad you all approve! Promise I will stop posting these 40K drawings after tonight--back to good 'ol daily doodles after today

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