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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A dragon sword-fighting an otter. GO!

*grin*   your art is served, sir.

Never doubt an Otter, despite it's cheery, fuzzy disposition, will take you the hell out with a precisely-placed
rock if the need arises.


sildude said...

Haha this is awesome. Well done indeed :)
Never mess with an otter - they play dirty!

WolfSprout said...

It's certainly not the caliber of your Big Fish, friend...but for a five minute sketch, it'll do :P thanks for visitin'

Dante said...

i feel that the otter is at a disadvantage .... plus does the dragon have super grippy tail or something.

thnx for the love on my blog, i'll keep you supported.

p.s. nice socks

Artful Disarray said...

It's true, but it's a common trait of the Otter people that they rise above any limitations put upon them by non-aquatic mammals. It's just how they roll.

Mah pleasure, man! The socks, oh how I loves them n_n

vibe said...

the otter looks pissed

Swift Love said...

what a great morning read!

Reign said...


daily luff

The State of Human Intelligence said...

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